wholesale hardwood floors


Wholesale hardwood floors

Solid Plank Hardwod Flooring Products

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The finishing touch

Solid plank
When you want the best, nothing beats hardwood solid plank. Reasuringly warm and solid, it's a pleasure to walk on - especially under bare feet.

Wholesale Flooring and wood floor polish

Wood Factory solid plank wholesale hardwood floors are of an unbeatable quality, and available in most wood species. Wood floor polish and vanish can also be supplied on request.

Because the solid hardwood plank floors we supply are timber through and through, the quality is unbeatable. Solid hardwood plank floors can also be re-sanded and coated in different finishes as homes and styles evolve. To maintain our environmentally compatible approach, all our solid plank floors are obtained from renewable sources.

Solid Plank is available in most wood species in Matt or Silk varnish, Matt oil with the option of a stained and/or steel brushed finish. The products are either supplied in 14 or 20mm thickness.

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